Wednesday Augest 7th 2013,    Eureka singer-songwriter Josephine Johnson went out to play music for the girls at North Star Quest Camp yesterday. When she got back to her downtown Eureka home this morning, her front door was busted in and all her stuff was gone — her computer, her sound system, even her ukulele. “I’m barely keeping it together,” Johnson told the Outpost in between making the rounds at local pawn shops, looking for the tools she uses to make her art. “Welcome to Humboldt County. I’m just frustrated and angry.” The Eureka Police Department came to the scene, took a report and were very sympathetic and helpful, Johnson said. Helpfully, the burglars left a box of donuts at the scene of the crime. That box could well crack the case. In the meanwhile, Johnson is asking the public to keep an eye out for the following items, which were taken from her: •Sony handheld digital camera •Peavey 8-channel sound sound system with two speakers •Canon SLR film camera •Tascam portable digital recorder •Tenor ukulele •Macbook Pro If you think you may have a lead on the thief or thieves, give the EPD a ring — 441-4060. No one deserves to be have their important stuff stolen, but it’s particularly galling when it happens to a selfless starving artist like Josephine.

Josephine Johnson

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Have you seen these items?
the image of the Canon camera is of a digital camera--mine had the same body style but was a film/slr camera, plus nice lens' $500 
Macbook it was a $500 score from a friend.
Peavey powered mixer plus speakers $700 Model- TLS 1 Serial Number 11561753 MFG LOC-03 00448210/AB124
Tascam portable digital recorder--it was in the box
Sony handheld (I believe mine was HQ, not HD--could not find image) camera--I bought it at CostCo October 2009 for $250 
Stolen ukulele  Unknown price!